We are bringing you flutter development course taught by one of the most experienced flutter developers and open source contributors.

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Flutter is gaining popularity and learned by lot of students. However, the learning is limited to certain Udemy courses, YT lectures and not enough to meet industry standards for internship and jobs. Students lack knowledge of core flutter concepts, mostly used state management libraries, generally used packages, git and GitHub, integrating application with a backend, etc. There are various companies looking to hire flutter developers but not able to do so because of the skill gap.

Having worked on tens of applications used by millions of users, we learned the hard way things that are important in flutter and every aspiring flutter developer should know. We also interview candidates applying for flutter developer position regularly and have identified various skill gaps.

We are bringing you flutter development course taught by one of the most experienced flutter developers and open source contributors. The course will help you learn flutter, git and github and building your backend using firebase. During the whole course, you will have direct access with the mentor and monthly one to one career guidance session will also be there.

Why choose us

Internship guarantee to top 20% of students.

Internship guarantee to top 20% of students.

Direct access with mentor

Direct access with mentor

1-1 Career Guidance Session

1-1 Career Guidance Session

The course will be 2 months long, with 3 lectures and one support class each week. At end of the course, all of you will have a working application for an idea you choose. You will be able to convert any idea you have into a mobile or web application.

Apart from certification, we will also help best 8-10 students to land internship in various companies as flutter developer.

What you will learn

  • In depth understanding of Dart & Object Oriented core concepts like variables, data types, control flow, functions, classes, inheritance, generics, collection & exceptions.

  • Advance concepts like Asynchronous Programming

  • SOLID principles for writing good code and other industry standard best practices

  • Flutter basics: Hot Reload, Hot Restart, Stateless & Stateful Widgets, Rebuilds and Optimization.

  • Different widgets in Flutter like Container, Scaffold, Buttons, Rows, Column, Stack and more.

  • Skill to break down complex UIs into smaller components in your head and implementing that UI in Flutter.

  • State Management and in-depth understanding of flutter_bloc state management library which is the most stable & popular library used for managing state in the Flutter ecosystem.

  • Navigating to different pages of the app using Routes.

  • Working with REST APIs in Flutter

  • Integrating Firebase services like Authentication, Cloud Firestore with your Flutter app.

Skills you will gain

Dart & OOPS fundamentals
Building UIs in Flutter
State Management
Widgets & State basics
Routes & Navigation
Working with JSON
Networking in Flutter
Using Firebase with Flutter


Flutter DeveloperPulkit Goyal

Pulkit Goyal

Pulkit has vast experience in teaching programming to students. He has taught programming to 100+ and helped 10+ to get selected in Google Summer of Code programme. He has been using flutter from 3 years now and loving it.

Flutter DeveloperMoksh Mahajan

Moksh Mahajan

Moksh is tech lead at Flutter Gurus and has been coding in flutter since it's inception.

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