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Until few years ago, everyone thought building and maintaining cross platforms applications is hard. But we thought that there should be a better way and stumbled upon flutter. It has been a love at first sight and we love developing applications using Flutter.

Based in Gurugram, Haryana, we are team of weird and nerd hackers dabbling in widgets and state management to build applications that power hundreds of businesses and millions of users. Having developed 30+ web and mobile applications till now using flutter, we are well versed with various tools and functionalities in the framework. We work on state of the art architecture that results in robust applications that are used by millions of users daily.

We take care of the whole development flow from ideation, designing to development, testing and finally rolling out app to end users.

Both businesses and startups love to work with us!


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Client Testimonials

The team help me ideate and develop application for India's first digital water treatment plant.

Maj Manik M Jolly

GRID India

Working with the team for more than a year, they really are Flutter Gurus!

Titash Neogi


Built a fast and beautiful home service application within a month. The application is robust and service is nice.

Sujeet Pathak


Have got multiple application developed, we collect millions of samples using application build by them and they work great. We never have downtime.

Navneet Kumar

ETG Research

Helped me quickly develop frontend for my web3 application.

Vijay Krishnavanshi


Helped scale my e-commerce business by building a fast and scalable application.

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"To make great ideas a reality, we must act, experiment, fail, adapt, and learn on a daily basis." ~ Jocelyn K. Glei